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June Prayer Calendar

Staff Training, Summer Camp and Ministry Opportunities

June 5-9: We will start staff training for the 2023 Summer Camp Program. Please pray for those the different areas of staff (Camp Kainos Residential Staff, Day Camp Staff, Adventure Camp Staff, and the Kitchen Staff). The theme Mission Logos will center around Bible Studies based on John 1:1-18.

June 10: Summer Camp Kickoff Open House is from 10 am – 4 pm, with camp activities, free lunch, and an archery competition.

June 12-16: Week 1: Grades 2-3 Camp Kainos; Soccer Week for Day Camp; Special training for Adventure Camp Staff

June 18-23: Week 2: Grades 4-5 Camp Kainos, with special guests, The Knight Lights; Mechanics theme for Day Camp; High Adventure for Adventure Camp

June 25-30 Week 3: Grades 4-5 Camp Kainos; Wings theme for Day Camp; & Junior Week at Adventure Camp

Praises: We are grateful for the volunteers that will be with us in June to serve as Camp Nurse / Camp Moms (Stephanie Holliday, Sarah Rogers, and Christy Bucy). We are thankful for a veteran group of counselors for the Camp Kainos Residential Program (Heidi Coleman, Alyssa Lake, JoJo Crowder, Quin Vogtman, Colby Mallery, Stewie Steward, and James Spinar. We are grateful to have Kelsie Holliday as our head cook, assisted by Willow Wratchford, Chloe Donaldson, and Heidi Houser. Joining the Adventure Camp staff is Morgan Allen, Elizabeth Leib, and Brayden Hulsey. We are working on filling the remaining slots at AC and also for the Day Camp Program.

We also have volunteer speakers scheduled to be with us for our evening meetings (Timothy Donaldson, Aaron Hosteller, Cam Bohrer, and a couple others who have yet to confirm their speaking dates.

Please keep us in your prayers this summer as we share the good news of Christ with our campers

Ever Only Jesus, Andy Maples


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