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MapleLeaf News Spring 2023

Dear Friends of New Life Bible Camp,

First off, I want to thank everyone who has supported me through prayer and financial giving as I continue my service as a camp missionary at New Life Bible Camp. I am working on completing my 34th year working on the full time staff and I have loved every minute of it! The new year got off to a rocky start as I had to miss having Christmas with my family in Knoxville due to the snow and ice storm that passed through. It would have been our first Christmas together without my mother and father (Mom passed four years ago and Dad passed in this past October). But that turned into a blessing as I was able to participate in the Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services at Memorial Heights Baptist Church, helping out with some of the Christmas Carols with my guitar.

Retreat wise, we are rolling. Starting with the weekend of Jan 13-15, we have all of our weekends available to guest retreat filled through the first part of May and beyond that, most of our available weekends for the fall are booked as well. There will be three New Life Hosted Retreats in March and April that I will be working with. The first is the Small Group Retreat March 3-5 (we have 4 churches from around our area participating this year) with Pastor Trey Hensley speaking to us from John 1, and the Men’s Retreat March 24-25 with my longtime friend Pastor Kemp Wynn from Knoxville, TN speaking on the theme of “An Examine Faith.” The weekend of April 21-23 is our Family Retreat Getaway. I will be the speaker for this event.

I am actively looking for guitar players to help me start a guitar club. Right now I have gotten a positive reply from 3 guys who want to be part of it. Memorial Heights Baptist Church has agreed to allow us to use their fellowship hall as our meeting place. I hope to get it going by next fall. It will be a great tool for reaching out to guitar players who need to hear the gospel but also are looking for other players to connect with. Please pray for this effort. I think it will be a great opportunity. Right now we will be focusing on guitar players from the Cumberland MD area but I would really like to get something going for players in Bedford and Altoona PA as well.

Summer camp will be here quickly. Pray for me as I study the Word of God so I can teach the staff the curriculum for the Cabin Bible Studies. Pray that the Lord will provide the Camp Kainos counseling staff, Day Camp Staff, Kitchen Crew, Adventure Camp Staff, Junior Counselors and Day Camp Assistants (also camp nurses and camp moms). Thank you for supporting the mission of New Life Bible Camp. I appreciate each and every one of you who prays for all that we do.

Have a wonderful spring

Ever Only Jesus

Andy Maples


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