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Project Elevate

PROJECT GOAL: $200,000

When New Life Bible Camp was founded in 1972, the pond was constructed to provide various camp activities like boating and fishing. Over the years, there have been many other activities added near the pond, including a water slide and a sky swing. It is our desire to further develop this area by building a bathhouse, clearing land for an open play space, and raising a staff home on the site of the original farmhouse. Completing these projects will also allow for the conversion of the A-frame Building back into dorms, adding to the number of campers we can host.

Open Play Space ($2,000) - To increase the usefulness of the space around the pond, there will be an area cleared so that games, events, and open play can happen.

New Well ($5,000) - With the increased water demand for the bathhouse, a new well will need to be drilled.

Bathhouse ($20,000) - The addition of a bathhouse near the activities will be a wonderful addition to the area and will be used by summer campers and retreat guests.

Wastewater Treatment ($30,000) - With the addition of a new staff home and the bathhouse, a new wastewater system will be needed.

Staff Housing ($130,000) - A principal project included in Project Elevate is to build a new staff home on the location of the original farmhouse. A fire in 2015 unfortunately burned down the farmhouse. Once a new home is built at this location, more camper beds will be available at the A-Frame.

More Camper Beds ($5,000) - The A-Frame will be converted back to guest lodging and will bring our lodging capacity to 100 beds. The A-frame was built for use as guest lodging, and we look forward to being able to minister to more campers in our summer camp and retreat ministries.

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