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April Prayer Calendar

Updated: Mar 8

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

April 5-7:  Dad and Daughter Adventure Camp Weekend, led by Todd Donaldson and Zach Weaver. I will help with food service and worship.

April 7:  I will be speaking as well as helping the worship team at Memorial Heights Baptist Church in Cumberland MD.

April 9: I will be taking part in a Men’s Bible Study this evening at Faith Presbyterian Church in Lavale MD

April 12-14:  We will be hosting the youth from Word of Life Chapel for a weekend retreat. I will be joining the worship team for their event.

April 16:  Guitar Night at New Life Bible Camp (Come to the dining room, park in the back of the lodge by the dining room door entrance)

April 19-21:  We will be hosting the Junior High Youth Group, led by Caleb Pearson, for a weekend retreat.  I will be leading worship for this event.

April 23: I will be taking part in a Men’s Bible Study this evening at Faith Presbyterian Church in Lavale MD

April 26-28: New Life Bible Camp will host it’s annual Family Retreat, with Guest Speaker Wesley Rinehart. I will be leading worship for this event with Zach Weaver.



1: The monthly Guitar Night continues to grow. It is a great time of fellowship, singing , and jamming.  The next one is April 16th in the New Life Lodge Dining Room!

2: Continue to keep me in your prayers as I work on the teaching curriculum for the 2024 Summer Camp Program.

3: Continue to pray for the full time staff of New Life Bible Camp as we are searching and recruiting for various open position on the summer camp staff (Day Camp, Residential Camp, Kitchen Crew, Maintenance, and Camp Mom/Nurses)  

4:  Ongoing prayer requests. We have some projects going on at camp, the main one is the remodeling for the A-Frame so we can add beds for more campers this summer. We praise the Lord for Ken Harden’s work on this project.    

5: There are two hosted events at New Life Bible Camp in April. The first is the Dad and Daughter Adventure weekend at the first of the month and the Family Retreat at the end of the month.

6: We praise the Lord that Calvary Bible Church new pastor Grant Appell could be our keynote speaker at the Men’s Retreat this past March.

7. Keep Abby Donaldson in your prayers as she continues raising support for being on the full time staff of New Life Bible Camp Missionaries. She is already helping out in many areas.

8: I had a wonderful experience leading worship at the Fellowship Bible Church Missionary Conference in Shenandoah Junction WV and also joining a panel of missionaries from around the world for interviews and discussion.

9: A lot of good things happened in March that I need to express praise for, the first being the great attendance we had for the Small Group Retreat, and also the Men's Retreat. I love leading worship for these events.


Ever Only Jesus,  

Andy Maples


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